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富士山 2020

富士山 2020


Filming location: Mt. Fuji Lake Motosu Shooting time: November 14, 2020 14:03
Description: This work was taken from the Nakanokura Pass View Point in Lake Motosu, where you can take pictures of Mt. Fuji drawn on the 1000-yen bill.
Last year, I shot Mt. Fuji from the same place with the same composition and announced it under the title "Mt. Fuji D", but I couldn't forget the beauty of Mt. Fuji last year and went to shoot again this year.

Compared to "Mt. Fuji D", "Mt. Fuji 2020" seems to have a deeper sense of depth, and I like it very much.

Also, because it was shot with the new camera Sony α, the image quality is higher than last year's work.

Even if you shoot the same subject from the same place, there are always completely different environments such as the weather conditions at the time of shooting, the growth of vegetation, the atmosphere of the lake, so "It will never be the same work and the same moment will never happen. It is a work that reminded me of the important thing that there is no such thing.

Which Mt. Fuji work do you like?