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we live in  ordinary days

ordinary days are filled with thousands of miracles and beauty

hope 「clear」 provides something sparkles your eyes with delight


lots of love

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The name "clear" was given with the hope that it would make people feel more radiant when they see my works.

" clear " is the photography department of photographer/designer yuki, and the image color is the "clear blueness" emitted by the earth.
The works released here capture the moments that I felt "beautiful" in my life with a camera. Photographs are born by various things that exist in nature such as the position of the sun, the concentration of air and the strength of the wind. It is the "moment" that was born from the combination of various elements. The exact same moment will never happen again, it can be said that it is a MIRACLE. Beautiful nature always exists around us and encourages us. It would be great if you could sympathize with the "beauty" and "miracle" buried in the "natural".

The pair of " clear " is the design department " CLEAR DESIGNS " of photographer designer yuki.

I created it with the hope that humans will join nature and find human-like fun together with nature and shine.

The image color is "orange" with human warmth.

While coexisting with nature, I would like to cherish the "beautiful" sensibilities that human beings can feel, and grow myself together with "clear " and " CLEAR DESIGNS".

 I believe "ordinary days are filled with thousands of miracles and beauty".

​Taking photos mean capturing the moment.

The moment is miracle.

 Same moment will never come.

Beautiful and splendid nature is always cheering us no matter what.

​Hope 「clear」 will provide something that sparkles your eyes with delight.




名称未設定のアkートワーク_188-04 6.png
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名称未設定-2 (9)_アートボード 1_edited_edited.png


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