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With a removable pedestal printed directly on a 3mm aluminum resin composite plate, you can decorate the wall without a picture frame.

There is nothing to block the photo, so it is smart and stylish to decorate. (Generally used in museums, etc.)
A robust, smart, and beautiful finish that's perfect for displays.
Since the glass or acrylic plate that protects the printed photo from above is unnecessary, it prevents the work from reflecting and you can directly enjoy the color of the photo itself.

* For those who order A3 or larger sizes and those who wish to print on paper  Please contact from contact 

Since it can be displayed on the wall without the need for a picture frame, it gives a very smart and fashionable impression.


Detachable with Velcro

When placed on a desk, it can be displayed as if it were floating in the air.


Lightweight, easy to decorate and easy to clean
(* Wipe dry with a soft cloth)
Various sizes are available


premium prints サイズ
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