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Location: Mt. Chausu Shooting time: September 2020 Description: When I climbed Mt. Chausu in Tochigi prefecture, I took a picture from the summit of 1,915m above sea level. It is difficult to understand the distance due to fog and clouds, but this is a photograph of a steep slope with steep rocks. If you know that it is a steep slope and look at the work, the work will look more three-dimensional.

Mt. Chausu, an active volcano, has a lot of rocks and is rugged and masculine, and I felt the strength and threat of nature that human beings who would perish if they made a mistake. For the first time, I think I was able to capture the power of nature and the earth.

Other photos taken when I went to Mt. Chausu are posted in Gallery. If you would like to purchase that photo, please feel free to contact us from contact.

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