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Room Fragrance「CHIARA」

(Date taken: April, 2021)


This is Yuki whom obsessed with the 'scent' these days!☺️

Today, I would love to introduce the BEST FROOM FRAGRANCES I'VE EVER SMELLED IN MY LIFE.

I've shared the room fragrances of CHIARA before on Twitter, but I couldn't explain how great they are within the limited words of Twitter.

Thus, I decided to write how sophisticated and elegant the smell is.

Since the COVID-19 has spread, we can't go places freely like we used to do.

We need to limit the 'action' for our safety.

I was a little bit depressed not seeing my family and friends often, and staying at home most of the time...

But the room fragrances of CHIARA had lifted me up and made me so much happier to stay at home.

Literally, smelling the CHIARA's room fragrances make me feel over the moon and feeling like I'm surrounded by happiness🕊

「CHIARA」official web site↓

(Date taken: August, 2020)

I just can't forget the moment that I've smelled CHIARA's room fragrances for the first time.

That was like a life-changing moment! (not exaggerated!!)

Last year, in August, I was shopping with my mom at the Nihonbashi Takashima-ya Department store, I smelled the scent of the sweet grapes through my mask from somewhere. I decided to get a sniff of the nice smell and followed where the smell came from, then I found the section of the CHIARA.

I was already feeling so high by smelling such a freshly great smell, but I got more excited when I saw the fragrances with my eyes.

The containers were elegantly beautiful.

Each color of the fragrances was shining colorful.

I was fascinated and spell-bounded by everything about CHIARA in just a few seconds.

I just couldn't help but to ask what am I smelling right now as soon as I found the clerk.

The gentleman told me the smell of the grapes that I sniff was actually made from the Red Wine, called 'Nero di Bacco'.

Nero di Bacco DOES really smell like freshly picked grapes from the tree and smells astonishingly superb!

I remember a small girl stopped by saying 'It smells super delicious!! I wanna drink it.😻'

'Nero di Bacco'

What amazed me the most was that I was at the CHIARA's section for about half an hour smelling all of the fragrances nonstop, but CHIARA's room fragrances neither give me a headache nor make me feel sick at all!!!

I was looking for some non-causing physical deconditioning fragrances for such a long time, so I was really glad that I could have found the RIGHT ONE finally.

All the fragrances are mesmerizing, so it took me more than 30 mins what fragrances I would buy.

I chose 'Nero di Bacco' the smell of the red wine, 'Agrumi' the smell of the fresh grapefruits, 'Mediterraneo' the smell of fresh lemon, and 'Rosa preziosa' the smell of mild rose.



At the CHIARA's section, the clerk, the gentleman thought me the 2 ways of using room fragrances in order to enjoy them more.

First, to replace the liquid into the perfume bottle, spray it into the air and smell it from the distance.

He told me the smell gets milder after it's sprayed into the air, and is different from directly sniffing from the bottle.

He had demonstrated for me, and it really DID smell different and got milder!!

Second way to enjoy the room fragrances is to mix the fragrances.

Each room fragrance is already smell perfect, but once it's collaborated and mixed one another, it creates a synergy effect and makes a beautiful scent to a whole new level.

I personally like the mixed smell of 'Nero di Bacco' and 'Agrumi'.

Citrus smell of 'Agrumi' brings more freshness into the 'Nero di Bacco', and it creates such a beautiful harmony and they blend perfectly!!

I've never found such a great smell in my life including perfumes, so I carry CHIARA's room fragrances EVERYWHERE with me!!

Also, to share the happiness by smelling CHIARA's room fragrances, I've presented them to my family and my friends...

I meant most of every one that I can think of!!!!!

That's how much I love and am obsessed with CHIARA☺️

Since I bought CHIARA'S room fragrances, I'm always surrounded by CHIARA's grace scent.🕊

And as a photographer, I just couldn't stop taking photos standing in front of beautiful and sophisticated products.

(Date taken: August, 2020)

Wanted to add more to my room fragrances collection, so I've bought 'Melangrane' online.

The scent, liquid color, and bottle's design, everything won my heart and mind immediately when I opened the delivery box.

It is the smell of pomegranate, orange, and lemon, and I feel its fruitiness is perfect for the summer!!🍊🍋

(Date taken: March. 2021)

I believe the CHIARA's room fragrances WILL widely spread the Japanese people's lifestyle of enjoying the scent more often; the lifestyle with the great scent.

We, the Japanese, are familiar with the scent from 538 since the incense known as 'Kou 香' was brought to Japan.

As yet, incense burning remains as one of the oldest Japanese cultures and preserves the tradition to the younger generations.

Enjoying the great scent is in our gene.

However, we are not getting used to the strong and heavy scent, and that is why there are not so many people using perfumes or room fragrances compare to the other countries.

Since CHIARA's room fragrances do not cause any physical deconditioning and give out a light but elegant and fresh smell, it allows the Japanese people to spend the lifetime enjoying and being surrounded by the scent such as room fragrances more.

I really do love the scent of CHIARA's room fragrances.

Thus, I really do hope there will be thousands of Japanese people living their lives with CHIARA's products.

If there are some sections of CHIARA close to your house, I strongly suggest to go and smell the scent of CHIARA.

I can guarantee you the scent of CHIARA's room fragrances will be life-changing and you'll be amazed and fulfilled with the joy and happiness both mentally and physically.

One of the clear's customers gave me an e-mail that she read my Twitter about CHIARA, visited the section, and found 'THE FAVORITE ONE' of her lifetime!

I deeply appreciate the CHIARA for making me realize again how wonderful to share splendid things and rejoice and celebrate the greatness of them with people.

I am full of gratitude towards CHIARA.


CHIARA's Japanese web site↓

CHIARA's Japanese onlineshop web site↓

CHIARA's international web site↓

(Date taken: March. 2021)

Can not wait to try the new room fragrances from CHIARA for the next time!!

Thank you for reading till the end.

Chao!( ^_^)/~~~


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