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Business card design

Stylish business card that catches your eye

We will create shop cards and business cards that meet your needs.

When we receive your request, we will have a meeting, send you some ideas, and continue brushing up to complete it.

You can also use clear photos on shop cards and business cards.

(Please contact us the kinds of images want to use)

Regarding the clear photos used, we are doing two types of sales.


Transfer sales of various rights (¥ 80,000) = Photo rights belong to the customer ・ Unlimited images can be used ・ Images can be modified

Photo sales (¥ 5,000) = Photo rights are clear ・ Application is required every time you use an image / Charges are incurred ・ Photo cannot be modified ・ © ︎2022 clear and enter the photo)


We also do original photo business trip for shop cards and business cards (please check the shooting request item or contact us for detailed charges).


【Basic charge】

Design creation fee ¥ 30,000

Image usage fee (¥ 5,000) + design creation fee (¥ 30,000) = ¥ 35,000

Transfer sales of rights (¥ 80,000) + design creation fee (¥ 30,000) = ¥ 110,000

Please feel free to contact us from contact as the price will change depending on the shooting time and content.

You can choose your favorite shop card / business card vertically and horizontally , with or without a clear photo (the price will change if the photo is included).

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